What are YOUR top underground rap albums of the last 5-10 years?

Can be either solo artists or groups, but must be from artists not considered to be at the top of hip-hop (mainstream) [ex. Flatbush Zombies, The Underachievers, Captain Murphy, etc.]

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    I will list my top twenty underground projects(In no certain order)

    1.Repentance By Esham

    2. Personal Journals By Sage Francis

    3.Platinum In Da Ghetto By Lil Keke

    4.The Medicine By Planet Asia

    5.Strabger Danger By Timbuktu

    6.The Preface By Elzhi

    7.Blacc Plague By Insane Poetry

    8.The Casket Factory By Blaze Ya Dead Homie

    9.Kollage By Bahamadia

    10.Truth Be Told By Custom Made

    11.Black Rain By Dark Lotus

    12.Vendetta By Mic Geronimo

    13.The Compton Effect By Greydon Square

    14.Kicken And Screamin By Krizz Kaliko

    15.Infinite By Emiem (I know Eminem is technically well known,this album was considered undergorund and I feel it is highly under rated.

    16. Bostons Boy By Sammy Adams(I am from Boston)

    17.The Green Book By Twiztid

    18.Family Business By Young Roddy

    19.Take the Stares By Dumbfounded

    20.Dear Listener By Lowkey

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    Underground rap is underground because it is all garbage and no one cares about it

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