looking for a good extreme long range rifle (budget is about 2.000-3.000$) any hint?

please don´t suggets cal .50 rifles (they are illegal where i live) But all other calibres are legal. my dream rifle would be the steyr lapua magnum but since gun prices are crazy in europe i will not spend 14.000 euros for one rifle :)


My best guess was a steyr scout chambered in .308 winchester. (1.700 euro)

But if you have other suggestions please feel free to tell me

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  • 2 years ago

    Not enough info to answer this for you.

    There are ALLOT of great cartridges that will do fine at long range - however - you need to specify what the term 'long range' means to you. I know urban pistol shooters that think 200yds is long range. If your local range is just 300 yards...…… buying a rifle designed for 1200 yards makes no sense.

    Next - how much shooting are you doing? There are wonderful flat shooting cartridges like 7mm Remington mag, 300Win mag, 338Win Mag, 338 Lapua, etc - but the recoil is so bad after 12-20 rounds you don't want to fire it any more. Driving 3 hours to a long distance range just to shoot for 40 minutes and drive 3 hours home is not much fun. There is a world of difference between shooting long distance for fun, and, doing it like it was a job. Here - a less powerful cartridge would allow you to shoot all day long. However, this will have greater bullet drop and less wind bucking ability.

    Next - ammo. Lots and lots of nice long distance guns only work well because the owner reloads and has worked up a match load. Thanks to Hornady and Barnes - they have filled the gap and are making great match ammo in many cartridges that nobody ever did before. But its not cheap. So - be sure to consider the cost of a box of ammo into your choice of what cartridge the gun will fire.

    Ammo - part two. If you reload - you can make reduced power loads for fun at shorter distances. This can also turn a rifle you might only trigger a dozen times into a rifle you spend all day shooting. You will pay $87 to $110 for a 20 round box of Hornady Match 338Win Mag. I can cast bullets from scrap lead and produce a box of 20 for $1.80 using once fired brass. Great for 100-200yd and training new and young shooters. For $8 I can upgrade the bullet to a nice match HPBT and build a box of 20...… for just $8. If you intend to shoot allot of long distance ammo - you will quickly re-coup the cost of your reloading equipment.

    Are you sharing this rifle while shooting with a buddy or wife? If so - you need a nicer than usual scope with side focus. Side focus is primarily designed into a scope for easy parallax adjustment - it always works awesome to share a rifle between someone who wears glasses and someone who does not.

    My advice. Go find the closest range that does monthly NRA HighPower Rifle matches. This is 200/300/600 yard shooting using an AR-15, M1a or M1 Garand with open iron sights - no scope. You will not only lean a ton about long distance shooting quickly by entering these matches - you will also meet other long distance shooters and get a chance to look at and fire their sweet rifles! You would not buy a $30 pair of shoes without trying them on first, right? Why would you buy a $3,000 rifle and not fire one first to see if you love it? Best to get allot of trigger time on various rifles before you buy.

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    A Hi-Point 9mm carbine with the longer barrel will shoot a 9mm 140 grain bullet 1450 yards with only 38 in. drop.

  • Robin
    Lv 7
    2 years ago

    check out Holland and Holland. Their prices START at 75 000 euros

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