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What are some really good and believable conspiracy theories?

They can be about anything. I’m interested.

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    that jesus called obama the antichrist in luke 10:18

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    1 year ago

    the theory that FDR did no Know about 7 dec 1941 he did

    Yes he did Know Clue in 2012 the Winds execute File was released in Australia believed to be the Only Complete File on Pearl harbor the same day MI6 asked the Australian Government to reclassify it for another 70 years who does it Protect only FDR

    The Navy has traditionally followed the rule that, when international relations are critical, the fleet puts to sea. That is exactly what Admiral Kimmel did. Aware that U.S.-Japanese relations were deteriorating, he sent 46 warships safely into the North Pacific in late November 1941 — without notifying Washington. He even ordered the fleet to conduct a mock air raid on Pearl Harbor, clairvoyantly selecting the same launch site Admiral Yamamoto chose two weeks later.

    When the White House learned of Kimmel's move it countermanded his orders and ordered all ships returned to dock, using the dubious excuse that Kimmel's action might provoke the Japanese. Washington knew that if the two fleets met at sea, and engaged each other, there might be questions about who fired the first shot.

    Kimmel did not give up, however. With the exercise canceled, his carrier chief, Vice Admiral William "Bull" Halsey, issued plans for a 25-ship task force to guard against an "enemy air and submarine attack" on Pearl Harbor. The plan never went into effect. On November 26th, Admiral Stark, Washington's Chief of Naval Operations, ordered Halsey to use his carriers to transport fighter planes to Wake and Midway islands — further depleting Pearl Harbor's air defenses.

    the Final Straw

    On 29 November, US Secretary of State Cordell Hull (Hull, Cordell) showed a reporter from The New York Times a message saying that Pearl Harbor was going to be attacked on 7 December. As the attack approached, the American government received information from numerous sources that 7 December would be the day. On 1 December, Naval Intelligence in San Francisco worked out from news reports and signals picked up by shipping companies that the Japanese fleet that had disappeared from home waters was then to the west of Hawaii. Those who believe that Roosevelt knew about the attack all along maintain that a number of other reports say that the Japanese would strike at Pearl Harbor, but they have yet to be declassified.

    Nave and Rusbridger.

    "...on 26 November 1941, Churchill's private secretary Anthony Bevir sent by hand to the American Embassy their second message for the day, to be transmitted to Roosevelt accompanied by a note: "I enclose a telegram from the Former Naval Person to the President for dispatch as soon as possible. I am so sorry to trouble you at this hour."

    Of all Churchill's voluminous correspondence with Roosevelt during World War II, this is the one message that cannot be read, since the file containing it is withheld from the Public record office in London for the next seventy years. According to Britain's Foreign Secretary, to release it would harm national security."

    U.S.Army Inquiry proceedings into Pearl Harbor, July - October 1944........

    "On 26 November there was received specific evidence of the Japanese intention to wage offensive war against Great Britain and the United States"

    But no details of what this "specific evidence" consisted of were placed before the inquiry.

    Page 141, paragraph7,.............and................ 142 paragraph1.

    U.S.Navy Inquiry into Pearl Harbor, July to October, 1944.

    Admiral Kimmel: "Do you recall whether on or about 26 November you received information from the office of naval intelligence that gave specific evidence of Japan's intention to wage offensive war against Britain and America?"

    Admiral Stark refused to answer saying:" It would involve disclosure of information detrimental to the public interest."

    all the above if from Official US Military archives made avaliable under Freedom of Information

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    Aliens already living among us will soon take over the world destroying humanity by a cunning means, encouraging is to wage war against each other. When we have killed ourselves, they will take over easily killing any survivors.

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    1 year ago

    "Good" as in "entertaining" or "good" as in "correct"?

    There aren't any conspiracy theories that I find believable.

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    1 year ago

    Not sure if these are conspiracies anymore since proven true.

    The CIA did introduce crack cocaine to the black community to destabilize it.

    Type in Illuminati backwards into your computer and you will be on a NASA website.

    Ultra MLK govt tried mind control of unsuspecting people in the 60s and 70s.

    The Dalai Lama was a CIA puppet who was there to disrupt Chinese modermization and society.

    Tuskegee experiment. The govt did infect black men with syphilis to try and find a cure.

    Canadians had a gaydar experiment back in the 60s and 70s. Something about dialated pupils could identify if one was gay. Done to keep them out the military and mounties.

    Govt tried to poison the alcohol to keep prohibition going.

    Govt collected dead body parts from dead children after the 2 atomic attacks to study the effects of radiation.

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    I've never heard one. I am still waiting for them to drill a hole through the Earth. (Someday, we will string them on beads.)

  • ben
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    1 year ago

    MK ultra was proven true.

    I’d beleive that Neil Armstrong was actually warned off the moon.

    Lost Cosmonauts

    Not that beleivable nor do I really beleive it but I always thought the LBJ killed JFK theory makes sense.

  • 1 year ago

    I think the fake moon landing one is pretty believable sometimes. I do think we landed on the moon but it is one of the most believed ones

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    1 year ago

    The end of trolleys in America. There are conspiracy theories out there a dime a dozen, mostly crackpot theories by nutters, but the oil and rubber industries conspired to get rid of trolleys for obvious $$$$ reasons. This was a real conspiracy.

    The Lincoln Kidnapping Conspiracy is very interesting; in the end, the conspirators shot Lincoln and stabbed the Secretary of state in a plot.

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