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what would happen if spread out Warm Season grass seed on a sunny lawn with Fescue grass?

not a sprinkler system btw, but is a sunny lawn and the fescue is soon to die off in May where I am as it gets so hot. will the Bermuda or Zoysia grass come up after and take over quickly the areas where the fescue dies off by summer? how easy to get warm season grass to come up good and thick by just spreading seed out?

why anyone would plant sprigs or put down sod of all things when can just spread out the seed so easily?

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  • Edwena
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    2 years ago
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    The bermuda should come up, especially if you keep the soil watered for a couple of the critical weeks when it sprouts and gets a root system into the dirt. I think Zoyzia will be harder to grow and the bermuda will eventually take over.

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