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get over a guy?

I like this guy. I tried almost everything to get over him. I left the job for 9 months came back and still liked him. There s this vibe i get from him when I talk to him. Kinda feels like he s into me too. After most conversations especially with groups he just stares at me. I smile and he just keeps staring. He also has a girlfriend now as well. That s why I didn t tell him. Because the girl and I use to be friends now we re not. An i don t want q weird love triangle. anyways I tried ignoring it , talking to other guys, hangout with friends. Keeping myself busy still not working. Any help is appreciated. No I m not going to tell him or quit my job either

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    The vibe you get might be that he finds you attractive, but that doesn't mean he will leave his gf for you. (It is possible to be attracted to other people when in a relationship. It doesn't mean anything except that he's human.) OK so you like him. So what? You said you won't tell him and you won't quit, so just keep on living your life. Find some hobbies, hang out with friends, date other guys. Either your feelings will eventually grow less, or you'll meet someone you like more, or he'll leave his gf and maybe you'll have a chance to date.

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    Is there absolutely any way that at your job you can avoid him? Like maybe tell your boss you can't work with him or move to a different part of the office?

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    1 year ago

    I think that the only thing that you can really do is to be friends with this guy and see what the future holds. I've always figured that the best relationships start off with the couple being good friends because they have that chemistry and emotional connection that is so important for having a successful relationship. Hence, if you can be a good friend to this guy and support him when he needs someone to talk to then there is every chance that something more may come of it if things don't work out in his current relationship. I hope this helps :)

    Source(s): Did you ever get the chance to tell this guy how you felt about him? :)
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