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Are kurds of iraq muslims or not?

sorry if I repet the question, they loved usa,, they are friends of Usa, so are they muslims or not? or are more moderate muslims? In usa there is islamophobia after 911, and anti arabs sentiment too

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    Kurds are Muslims in the same way that Mexicans are Catholic. Some take it very seriously but many are casual about it and reserve it for weddings and funerals.

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    Saudi Arabia is also being a close intimate and allied to the USA.Can your logic be applied to her,

    Saudi Arabia is being anti Arab countries too ie;Qata Yemen,Lebanon and Syria.

    So do not mind about the Kurds who has no country of her own people.

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    "they are friends of Usa" Have been the one constant in the region for decades as far as the US goes yet Obama gave Turkey permission to bomb the crap out of them, why?

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    Kurds are part of an ethnic group and while most are Muslim it is not the defining factor.

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    What different answer are you looking for that you haven't had before?

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