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!! TEN POINTS AWARDED TO BEST ANSWER !! ... I'm writing a book and the main character is in group therapy... Any advice?

The main character of my book is attending group therapy during the entirety of the story. I've tried asking google this question, but I cannot seem to find the answer anywhere. Not a helpful one, at least. I was wondering how many people are in a group such as this? If it depends on the type of therapy, this is therapy for anxiety and depression for people in their late teens and early twenties, maybe older or younger. The group therapy is held at a church and is faith-based and centered around Christianity. I'm not sure that this will affect the amount of members, but I can use all the advice I receive. So far I have the therapist and five other members of the group. I'm wondering if I should add another character into the story somehow to fill at least another spot in the group. However, at the same time, I don't want to have characters that do not benefit my story. No rude comments or suggestions please, I'm still in the learning process of writing. Thanks in advance!! :) Also, any general advice anyone might have on this topic would be amazing!!

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    2 years ago
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    I went to group therapy in college for a couple semesters. I believe both groups were about 10-15 people including 1-2 college counselors. The counselors planned topics and themes for each session, but we often got off track because we had certain things we wanted to talk about. And the counselors didn't mind. They just wanted to get the ball rolling and get us talking. I remember one time we had "homework" where we took a quiz online to find our top five strengths and we talked about them in the group.

    Anyway, the first sessions were a bit awkward because no one really knew each other or wanted to be the first to talk. But both groups bonded pretty quickly. I remember a bunch of people mentioning that they looked forward to going to group every week because it was a good place to let everything out. A lot of times someone would talk about something and everyone in the group would instantly start shaking their head in understanding. Then people would add their personal experiences on the topic and share their own advice. Some people didn't talk that much (myself included) but I found that the group was still very beneficial nonetheless. Just hearing other people talk about things that I went through with anxiety and depression made me feel less alone. You could potentially add some quieter characters in your story who go more to be a part of the group than to be heard. It's certainly okay to have characters who are more background characters as long as your actual main characters are well developed. I'm sure that group therapy is similar at a church. Maybe they hold a prayer at the end of each group. They probably talk about their faith more as well, but not necessarily I suppose.

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