Why not just kill anybody who promte infant baptism as the promoters of infant baptism has done to confession baptists for last 1600 years?

On the 10th of June, 1535, a furious edict was published at Brussels. Death by fire was the punishment of all Baptists who should be detected and should refuse to abjure. If they recanted they were still to die, but not by fire; the men were to be put to death by the sword, ‘the women in a sunken pit.’ Those who resisted the operation of the edict by failing to deliver up Baptist to the authorities, were to suffer the same punishment as accomplices. Informers were promised one-third of the confiscated estates. And all persons were forbidden ‘to claim or seek any forgiveness, or reconciliation for the said Anabaptists, or re-baptizers, or to present, on their behalf, any petitions or bequests;-it beeing understood,’ says the Emperor, ‘that it is not our will, nor will we permit, that any Anabaptists, or re-baptizers (because of their wicked opinions,) shall be received into favour, but be punished as a warning to others, without any dissimilations, favour, or delay.” (p. 168-169 Baptist History)

“When Philip II succeeded his father, Charles V, on the abdication of the latter, in the year 1556, he renewed the edict of 1550, with additional articles. The publication of Baptist books was prohibited, and the right of disposing of their property, by sale or will, was taken away. Nor were magistrates or judges to moderate or lessen the penalties in the slightest degree-


- Every settler was required to furnish proof that his children had been baptized according to the rites of Rome.” (p. 170 Baptist History)

As the reformation began, Baptists came out of hiding. They were soon diappointed. The Baptists went too far and too fast for the reformers. Soon the reformers strove to suppress the Baptist sentiment. Now Catholics, Protestants, Episcopalian, and Presbyterians treat them the same way. -

Update 2:

Emperor Charles V ordered the Baptist women to be drowned, buried alive, or burned at the stake.

- “I quote a very significant statement from the Schaff-Herzogg Encyclopedia, under ‘History of Baptists in Europe,’ about 1523, where they were persecuted by Zwingle and the Romanists. They are found in the following years, 1525-1530, with large churches fully organized in Southern Germany, Tyrol and in middle Germany. In all these places persecutions made their lives bitter.-

Update 3:

- Note that all this is prior to the founding of the Protestant churches:

Lutheran, Episcopal, or Presbyterian. We continue the quote:

“Moravia promised a home of greater freedom, and thither many Baptists migrated, only to find their hopes deceived. After 1534 they were numerous in Northern Germany, Holland, Belgium, and the Walloon provinces. They increased even during Alva’s rule, in the low countries, and developed a wonderful missionary zeal -

Update 4:

- Where did these Baptists come from? They did not come out of the Catholics during the Reformation. They had large churches prior to the Reformation.” ( p 39-40 - Trail of Blood)

These religious persecutions in England were a prime cause for settlements in the colonies. But before the Massachusetts Bay Colony was 20 years old, it passed laws against the Baptists: -

Update 5:

- “It is ordered and agreed, that if any person or persons, within this jurisdiction, shall either openly condemn or oppose the baptizing of infants, or go about secretly to seduce others from the appobation or use thereof, or shall purposely depart the congregation at the ministration of the ordinances after due time and means of conviction-every such person or persons shall be sentenced to banishment. This law was enacted especially against the Baptists.” (p 46 - Trail of Blood) -

Update 6:

- The Baptists did not want state support nor the sanctuary of law for everyone to be a Baptist. Baptists fought being the states established religion in America as well as in the Netherlands.


Update 7:

- “It is stated the King of Holland appointed a committee to examine into the claims of all existing churcheds or denominations to see which had te best claim to be the New Testament Church. The committee reported back that the Baptists were the best representatives of New Testament teachings. Then the King offered to make Baptist ‘the established’ church or denomination of his kingdom. -

Update 8:

- The Baptists kindly thanked him but declined, stating that it was contrary to their fundamental convictions and principles.” (p 53-Trail of Blood)-

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    This is why our founding fathers wanted a wall of separation between church and state.

    I always say in cases like this that it's interesting that all the horror and violence and genocide and long-simmering hatreds in history have been justified by religions purporting to believe in universal love and brotherhood.

    • Seperation of Church and State should not be for the guidance of both Church and State by the Holy Spirit of almighty God so that many will come to eternal life in this Holy Spirit/Church Era.

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    Jesus said to love unconditionally everyone .

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    There ought to be a law.

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