What is the password of my modem?

I am not asking for the wireless password to connect, im asking for the Username and password so i can access many settings such as editing the wireless password....

i have tried the SC and Access Key as password.... and i also tried admin, Administrator for Username.... none of them has worked even after resetting the modem 3 times.... so if you can help please tell me.

Modem: technicolor TG582n

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  • 2 years ago
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    normally written on a sticker on the back assuming you haven't changed it

  • VP
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    2 years ago

    Link to your router's User Manual:


    On page 29: Router's IP:

    On page 32: Default username: Administrator (with a capital 'A')

    On page 32: Default password: <blank> or use the Access Key info

  • Me2
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    2 years ago

    To do a "hard reset" that reverts the user name and password to the defaults, the Reset button must be kept pressed for at least seven seconds.  The user name will then be "Administrator" and the password with either be blank or "30QYPT7C" (the 2nd character is a zero), as printed on the label.

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