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How is David Cage's Detroit: Become Human better than Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto V [Single player exclusively]?

Heavy Rain & Beyond: Two Souls rarely came up in gaming discussion and nobody seemed to recognize David Cage or Quantic Dream until Detroit: Become Human released in May of this year yet now Cage's newest PlayStation 4 exclusive title is being advocated as better than a plethora of previously released games mainly Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto V. When referring to the single player exclusively how is David Cage's Detroit: Become Human better than Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto V?

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    Detroit: Become Human is a narrative driven game that deals with high concept themes like "what is humanity" and the morality in artificial intelligence. Unlike GTA V, Detroit changes its narrative based on the player choices, with certain characters being hero or villain.

    Not sure why people are comparing it to GTA V when they are 2 very different games. They could have compared it to the similar PS4 game Until Dawn, or the other narrative games such as Life is Strange or Batman: The Enemy Within.

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    It's story is much deeper on an emotional scale and tells you, the player, what kind of person you really are if you play using your own instincts to make decisions. Same thing goes for Beyond Two Souls, but not so much Heavy Rain.

    If you're looking to have fun experience, go with GTA V, but if you're looking for a deep, serious experience Detroit Become Human is what you're looking for.

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