how to feel less insecure about myself?

Most of my life, I felt insecure about myself. How I look, how I act, my face, my body, everything..when I met my ex best friend, my insecurities sky rocketed through the f*cking roof tops! she'd always make fun of me cause I "have no butt" and I have a flat chest and she'd make fun of me for that too. I was gaining confidence at the start of high school and I just realized it was because she didn't go to my school at that time. When she attended it 10th to 12th, my insecurities returned.I am no longer in the same state as her and I am working on cutting her out completely but I was wondering how I can gain myself confidence back? Man, she was always prettier than I was and we both knew it (or as I'd say bc I was her lap puppy) but she'd always tell me I'm never going to be as pretty as her and when someone would say I'm the most beautiful girl in the world, she'd look at me judgingly.

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    2 years ago
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    I think you did the right thing in cutting this girl out of your life. In order to regain your confidence, the first thing that you need to do is to cut all other negative influences out of your life. There is no point having people around who you are only going to bring you down. Moreover, having a positive attitude is also really helpful. For instance, focusing on the good things in life and about yourself will make you come across as a happier person which will in turn make you more fun to be around. Lastly, try putting yourself in environments where you can meet like minded individuals. Doing that will increase your chances of meeting people who will share similar interests to yourself which will make it more likely that you will form friendships with them. Making new friends is always a great way of boosting your self esteem. I hope I have helped :)

    Source(s): Did you ever think that this friend of yours felt threatened by you?
  • Janet
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    2 years ago

    You are letting others create your sense of who you are.

    If you want to be more secure, DO things for others. Volunteer to work at the local soup kitchen for the homeless ... serve cookies and juice to people at the local blood bank .. whatever.

    The more we DO things for others, the more we see ourselves as being a good person.

    And once we DO see ourselves as a good person, we are not bothered if others don't share that same opinion of us.

    As for basing your self-esteem on how you look ... 2 words ... DO NOT.

    No matter how great someone looks, as they age, they will loose those looks. And by the time they are old, they will look like a wrinkled old apple.

    The more you base your self-esteem on your face and body, the MORE unhappy you will be as you start to grow older. Don't DO that to yourself.

    As far as guys go, all you need is ONE guy who loves you for the person you are. And even the ugliest girl finds a guy like that.

    And the older you are when you start dating, the better you can handle the hurt and problems that go along with dating . .which means the more you WILL be able to love once you find your man. The more heartbreak someone has, the more they close their heart off to love, and the less they can make any relationship last.

  • Jeff
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    2 years ago

    Everyone developed differently. I went to school with the same girls for 12 years. I saw them grow up. By the sophomore, junior they developed, what you lack, over a summer. Don't worry.

    How to get your confidence back? Well, she 'took it', right? If she's not around that's the first step to getting it back. When you were around her she just took all the light. Now you get to shine. You have a fresh start. Be confident. You have great qualities that you've yet to discover. Find them. Listen. Have a sense of humor, be trustworyhy, tell the truth. You'll attract the right kind if people.

    And...those flat chested no butt girls I went to school with....their bodies grew proportionally, not all at once, and they were cute.

  • lala
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    2 years ago

    Hey dear listen !!! If you wait for any kind of validation from friends and stranger

    you will never get it

    an d your suppose friend had Never been a friend

    she was using you for her personal agenda

    F or more self esteem take some martial or theater course

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