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Why do the feds always take down those who want the people to have more power and freedom?

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    How is it that you define "power" and "freedom" in our representative democratic republic and constitutional law, Trey? For many insecure malignantly narcissistic short men like Putin or Trump and his ilk (Trump wears 4" lifts and is 5'10"), money is viewed as "power" (erroneously, of course), which inspires bottomless-pit never satisfying greed and all the peripheral corruptions that come with it.

    How do you define "feds" in this people-governed nation? It is our taxpayer dollars that fund our federal agencies, to include the Justice Department and all its law-enforcing agencies. If you mean the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the agents of the FBI have a job to do...investigate crimes and indict criminals. Maybe the criminals want to have no rules or restrictions over their bad behaviors, which is how criminal-minded people probably define "freedom"; however, we are a nation of laws, so being "free" to commit crimes against others is not freedom for the victims of those crimes. Think in terms of a philosophical concept: RATIONAL MODERATION. We each have rights so long as those rights do not infringe upon the rights of others. It's all about balance and fairness.

    For example: The owners of Hobby Lobby happen to be right-wing fundamentalist Old Testament literalists in their "religion" and chose to file a lawsuit against having to fund contraception for their employees through the health care insurance program of the Affordable Care Act---the owners wanted to be exempt from having to provide insurance on "religious" grounds as though every employee could only believe in the owners' faith and nothing else. The right-wing leaning Supreme Court issued a 5-4 decision in favor of Hobby Lobby owners' religion as a "legitimate exception" to the ACA law, but in doing so totally ignored the rights of the workers in Hobby Lobby to have different faith or different beliefs. The Supreme Court violated the First Amendment of the Constitution in its right-leaning pro-Hobby Lobby decision, so the issue should be revisited if employees of different faiths file a class-action lawsuit to undo the fanatical owners' "victory" since that victory violates the rights of the workers to have freedom of and also from religion.

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    Did you seriously think I would read all that?

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