How do I make someone not fake who they are and get them to be themselves?

I have this friend (more of an acquaintance now) who, when I first met him over the summer, he was so funny and fun to be around. I honestly thought we would be great friends. Then when people came back from summer vacation I got to meet his friends. They are mean and horrible and nasty people. But they are popular. This guy is gay and very insecure. He will do anything to be accepted and he wants nothing more than to be friends with these people. They love him too because he s a really great guy. But they are such horrible influences on him and when he s around them he becomes mean and nasty just like them. It makes me so sad because when those mean people weren t around he was so fun and nice. And when he is around these people he is mean and horrible. I can tell he thinks he s happy like this but I know better. I know what it s like to have fake friends and I want to help him understand that he can have better friends. I want to be his friend because I m nice and I appreciate him for who he really is and not make him be fake and all that crap. The problem is that he thinks he s happy with these bad friends.

How can I steal him away from these monsters and make him see that he can have real friends?

1 Answer

  • 2 years ago

    tell him the truth

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