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Would a Christian Democratic Party be constitutional in the United States?

A center-right party as they have in Germany?

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    Yes. The party itself wouldn't be unconstitutional. The First Amendment guarantees that. But it might support some policies that would be unconstitutional if they violated Separation of Church and State. For example, the Republican Party supports a policy that would make abortion illegal, but that policy is unconstitutional as per Roe v. Wade. The Republican Party doesn't therefore become unconstitutional, though. It still has a right to exist under the First Amendment and so does exist.

    There has only ever been one political party that was ever made "illegal" in the United States: the Communist Party. However, while that federal law exists on the books, it has never been put to the test. The Communist Party presently exists in the United States. If the Department of Justice were to ever try and enforce the law that outlaws the Communist Party, we would likely see that enforcement get appealed up to the Supreme Court, and then we would in all likelihood see the Supreme Court rule that the federal law that outlaws the Communist Party is unconstitutional. The Supreme Court only hasn't made that ruling already for the simple fact that the DoJ has never tried to enforce the law and so there has been no cause of action brought forward before the Court to challenge the law's constitutionality.

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    The constitution went out the window ages ago.

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    Separation of Church and State. It's a pillar in any mature society. You see were from Europe. In Europe there was a time the Church ruled in whole or in part over the Government. The Dark ages was created by Rome leaving Europe. It was made horrible by the Government controlled by Christianity.

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    Well yes but not like they can advance a Christian agenda since the US constitution prevents religious laws

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    Actually the Democratic party doesn't identify with any religion! Basically because most believe in freedom of religion. As well as all of our other freedoms and rights!

    It seems like the republicon party when it seize absolute power will be rounding up any who refuse to swear fealty to President Trump and Jesus(in that order) will be deported to work camps!!!

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      The "Christian Democratic Party" is Angela Merkel's party. That's what the question refers to.

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    The Constitution allows every type of party, even the extreme ones.

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