Would you live 1hour and 30 mins away from your job ,friends and family because its affordable or stay in the city struggling?

I work in the city however,my wife and I clearly cant afford it.We found multiple places about 1 hour or more outside New York but cant justify ourselves to moving without feeling like we are leaving everyone behind and making our commute harder. We love our life style but hate our expenses. We hate commuting but can afford a way better life farther way . What would you do in our situation?

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    1 year ago

    I would find it difficult to enjoy a lifestyle if I were struggling financially with no end in sight. Sure leaving friends and family is hard but you're moving 1.5 hours away, not to the west coast of the USA. Peace of mind is worth more, to me, than stressing over bills. I lived on LI and travelled into Manhattan for 8 years. Lived in Queens for a time but didn't care for it.

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    1 year ago

    don't forget to count bad weather that will extend that time. I do two hours round trip everyday and have been doing this for years. sometimes depending on weather it can take almost double that one way. so if you want to keep on struggling then stay put. if not then bite the bullet and move. remember between all the ways you can keep in touch you're not that far from the friends and family

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    in '70 I got out of the military and went and joined Ma Bell. First job in downtown L.A., a 15 to 30 minute one-way commute (depending on time of day.) After 6 years I transferred to the local Switchroom, under 3 miles from home. 10 years later they shut down my Stepper, got my job to a garage 1.3 miles from home.Year later I had to install a new garage to a new site, 3.7 miles. "Oh my GOD!! My Commute was three times longer!" Heh. Still just 10 minutes, max. ('cept on sunny days the motorcycle would swerve off the straight route and the commute would stretch to 20 miles -- I understand it is a common problem on motorcycles.)

    Bottom line?

    Question: " Would you live 1hour and 30 mins away from your job? "

    Answer: HELL NO! I would, DID, move either job or house so my commute will be under 10 minutes one way.

    The cost of time and money to commute reduces your actual income.

    Leave home/job/friends? That's Life. I was born in Detroit, after school left friends and went to La La Land. Joined the military (actually enlisted to dodge the draft -- 4 years in the Air Force was better than 2 years in the Army with a guarantee to a tour in Viet Nam) and got new jobs/home/friends. Discharged, new job and new friends. New office, new friends. Again. Again. LIFE IS CHANGE.

    A one way one hour commute? 5 days/week, 50 weeks/year, 40 years on the job. Minus sleeping, minus work, you only get 8 hours a day of LIFE. With a long commute you lose 20,000 hours of life. 7 years of your life wasted doing the commute trip. NOT MY LIFE!!!

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    You’ll get used to it.

    I live and work in London, England. For the last 36 years I’ve rarely ever had a commute of at least 90 minutes each way. The longest I’ve had was on average 3 hours each way. Housing costs are so high within inner London that I’d never be able to afford to live there. Not unless I was lucky enough to get a council or housing association home (what you would call project housing).

    Go for it. Give it long enough for you to adapt to the routine: if you’re commuting on public transport then use the time for sleep, recreation, or whatever you wish. If you’re driving then listen to educational or entertaining podcasts. If after that you find that it’s destroying you then move back and have more time but less money. At least with the longer commute and lower outgoings you might be able to save money and invest it wisely for future benefits.

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    I'd move to the Midwest and find a new job and new friends!

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    1 year ago

    If you can't afford to live where you work, then find a better job.

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    You say love your current lifestyle. And you don't know if you would enjoy it having less facilities around you but more money.

    I'd say the answer to this is lots of research. Don't just look at the lower costs of housing outside New York. Make quite sure the gain won't be lost to the commute. Or that you'll be too tired to enjoy your extra money, or no place to use it out in the 'boonies'.

    Take a look at areas outside the city. Try the social life and facilities available there. Not much point being stuck in a dormitory housing situation if there's nowhere to go for dinner or to see a movie or enjoy doing the things you can in the city.

    If on the other hand you find yourselves attracted to what goes on/or doesn't, outside of New York, it might be a move worth making. I hate living away from facilities. I don't care about the traffic fumes, the noisy traffic, the dirt and dust. I like opening my door and finding my favourite supermarket a short walk away. I have parks, green areas, a river right where I am and I like being able to get to anywhere quickly and easily. I could bury myself in the countryside in a house twice the size of my apartment for half the cost but I'd be bored to death.

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    You and your wife will be commuting 3 hours/day....adding it to your work hours. It's not a practical solution.

    Your only solution is to find a better location in the town now....or....find employment outside of town.

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    1 year ago

    A friend just took a job about an hour north of Phoenix. With the traffic it really sucks but it pays too much to turn down. I've been there.

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    No. I'd work overtime or get a second job during the time I'd spend commuting.

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