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Anonymous asked in Games & RecreationVideo & Online Games · 3 years ago

Gauntlet: dark legacy. Ps2 vs Arcade.?

Are the gameplay and graphics are the same? Are there any differences? Which one is better?

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    3 years ago
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    Graphically I think they were more or less the same. The Arcade version might have run at a different resolution and looked a bit sharper but the models and everything were more or less the same.

    Gameplay wise the core gameplay is also the same. Some level layouts may have changed or potentially been longer in the console versions. I don't remember since a lot of it was randomized anyway. The difference is that the console version is maybe a bit more... polished? The arcade version was designed to suck quarters and made your health deplete constantly so that you'd eventually die and have to put in more money. The console versions don't have that. It's designed so that you can actually beat it.

    The console versions also have more collectibles and things that are needed to unlock later levels, while the arcade version is more straightforward since it's, you know... made for arcades. There's collectibles in the treasure rooms you need to unlock the "secret" versions of the characters, where as in the arcade you unlocked those versions just by getting a character class to level 10 and then pressing the Turbo button when you selected your character.

    I dunno if I'd necessarily call one version better than the other. The console versions are designed to be played at home and that's great if you want to just play through it and maybe invite some friends over for co-op. Playing the arcade version on an actual cabinet in an arcade is a much different experience that you can't fully replicate at home. I've jumped into games with complete strangers and everyone had a blast.

    Obviously if you're looking to just buy and play the game then get a home console version. Personally I'd probably pick the GameCube or Xbox version because those consoles are a bit stronger than the PS2 and the game runs a little smoother, plus you don't need a multi-tap to play 4-player mode.

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