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I live in Iran. I don't see shiaism Right, because of reasons I say. I discovered am Jew and practice Torah. How do Muslims think of me?

I am sure Quran says if you are children of Israel, do stick to your covenant with G-d which is Torah. Also, it says our Goal/Direction is towards Jerusalem and every people has her own that G-d chose and do excess each other in doing good deeds instead of problem in these things. Those of Muslims who say Torah is distorted so Jews should not do it are wrong. Quran says Torah in time of Mohammad was filled with G-d's commandments and therefore Jews mustn't ask Mohammad, though, he judged them based on Torah as G-d said to him in both Quran and Hadith. This is historically when Quran was completed (last Surah).

Why not Shia?

1- They lie a lot.

2- Ali's words can't be G-d's words, so, G-d's words are MORE IMPORTANT. He is not certainly a prophet of his own to make a religion of himself.

3- There is always conflicts between what Ali said and Quran.

4- They say Torah is distored, while, as I said, Quran said the Torah will be protected by Quran afterwards.

5- They say only clerics understand Quran which is a lie. Quran says it is made easy to understand.

6- They say I don't understand Arabic, so, it is no more needed I be Muslim when it is not in my language. Quran is for those who understand it in the Arabic Language: Source: Quran..

7- They say interpretation needed. Quran never said it. If it was needed, they would say, but even their Imams didn't say it and Quran only says ask scholars if you have a question. Never it says don't rely on Quran, because you don't understand.

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    hopefully they like you anyways even if you believe different than thenn

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    Shiaism is misguided sect

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