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I am doing an engineering research project and I am trying to build a system that will spray water on solar panels. I will have a tank that is completely enclosed except for two holes on the top where water will be pouring in and filling up the container. I will also have a hole in the side of the container to connect a tube to. If there is a greater volume of water total than the tank can hold, will the water move up the tube or will it go out the holes in the top where water is pouring in? I will need the water in the tube to travel about a foot uphill. The tube is 1/4 inch in diameter if that helps.


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  • 1 year ago
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    If you are doing an engineering project, you need to learn some very basic science, such as pressure and water levels.

    Water will flow out the lowest hole first. If the inflow is higher than the outflow, the level will climb to the higher holes.

    If there is a tube connected to the lowest hole, flow will depend on the height of the other end of the tube. If it is higher than the top of the tank, you will never get any flow.

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    The top of the water in the tank needs to be above the end of the tube. If you want it to spray you may need a pump. You can go to an auto junk yard or an auto parts house to get a windshield washer pump to power the spray. A washer pump from a Cadillac or Chrysler will be high quality but 12V.

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    It depends on hight of the tank the whater will only flow up to the size of the tank if the tube is in the same hight of the tank the water willl come throgh the upper hole. The end of the pipe must have lower high than the tank

  • 1 year ago

    unless the exit hole is a little above 1 foot,

    water will not travel 1 foot uphill.

    so keep the water tank at a higher level.

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  • 1 year ago

    If you have a tube water in the tube will be the same level as the water in the tank. The only time levels could be different is if the weights of the liquid were different but since you are dealing with water they will have the same potential energy ie height.

  • John
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    1 year ago

    > If there is a greater volume of water total than the tank can hold

    Well that's a great big HUH?

  • roger
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    1 year ago

    Actually a better way is to put a 12 volt electric bilge pump in the tank and use a timer to spray the panel.. Use electricity from the panel to power the pump..

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