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Is slapstick humor and visual gags in cartoons still popular with TODAY's or THIS GENERATION's youngsters?

Hi. I am a writer and cartoonist. I want to produce animation and cartoons for youngsters for a living- kids'/family/all-age stuff.

I went to school for animation 2 decades ago, and I just discovered now that I want to make toons and comics and showcase them in web videos online.

A lot of independent animation and comics people do that these days. You don't have to work for a studio to make toons or a publisher to make comics.

I don't know that much about the comics industry, but I know the landscape of animation has changed drastically since the late 20th century- the '80s and '90s.

Back in the '80s and '90s you DIDN'T have political correctness stepping in to crap on stuff and censorship wasn't a major issue. The FCC didn't touch traditional cartoons shown on broadcast TV for a LONG TIME.

Traditional cartoons seemed to be a whole lot more popular back then.

The FCC did step in and caused the broadcast TV networks to pull regular toons from their weekday morning, weekday afternoon and Saturday morning programming blocks because they deemed a lot of these cartoons too violent and that kids weren't learning anything. Another reason the FCC stepped in could have been because of the lack of censorship. Toon makers got away with "sneaking crap past the radar".

Despite all this are slapstick humor and visual gags still popular with the youngsters?

When I was a youngster I liked comedic cartoons, more so than the action stuff.

I am curious- please help. Thank you.


What I mean by "sneaking crap past the radar" I mean doing things like sneaking adult-level jokes and material into kids' cartoons. Some '80s and '90s kids' cartoons were chock full of adult-level jokes and material. Things parents probably might have picked up on if they were watching the cartoons with their kids, and/or if they were watching these cartoons closely.

Update 2:

Classic Hollywood cartoon shorts used to be shown on broadcast tv back in the '80s and '90s, and they were a lot more popular back then. These were pulled from broadcast reason for the same reason traditional made-for-TV cartoons were- they were deemed too violent and the FCC said and/or felt kids weren't learning anything from them.

Update 3:

I can see why the FCC was concerned about what types of cartoons kids were being exposed to. A kid is not going to learn anything from watching (gratuitous) cartoon violence. These days the only cartoons shown for kids on regular TV are "edutainment" ones. Traditional cartoons are still shown on cable/satellite TV where the FCC can't touch them.

Update 4:

Another reason regular cartoons are not shown on broadcast TV anymore is because President Clinton passed some kind of legislation to regulate children's TV back in the late '90s. Eventually ALL regular cartoons that were shown on weekday mornings and weekday afternoons and Saturday mornings were pulled from broadcast TV. Primetime cartoons are still shown on broadcast TV but those are aimed at adults.

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    Yes, it still is!!

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    Just watch some of the modern day Cartoon, see what's "hip" with the kids these days. And I gotta be honest, I used to watch cartoons in my Teen years and slowly I say a shift in how shows were changing and it was a real turn off. So, here I am in my 20s and I just can't get into these new shows, they lack any sort of sense of direction, it's just a mess.

    I say make the shows that YOU can get into. That's the only way you'll make quality content, trying to live up to the standards you'll be burned out fast.

    A couple of perfect show to point to when you talk about censorship and the FCC having power is Ren And Stimpy or Invader Zim. Both shows stretched what they could get away with.

    Make the shows that you can get behind, one where you poured your heart and soul into it, if not all you would be is an animator, not a cartoonist.

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    Not as much

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    Based on current animated shows (Teen Titans Go, Craig of the Creek, Ducktales, Adventure Time, Spongebob, Big Hero 6, Amazing World of Gumball, etc), visual gags are still very popular, though slapstick humor is more popular with cartoons aimed at older audiences.

    It should be mentioned that broadcast TV, where the FCC has power, is no longer popular among younger generations.

    "Nearly 40% of those in the younger demo said Netflix is the platform they use most often to view video content on their TVs — well ahead of YouTube (17%), basic cable (12.6%), Hulu (7.6%) and broadcast TV (7.5%)."

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