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I moved into an apartment last June with a one-year lease. A neighbor informed me the prior tenant was a suicide. I have heard strange noise?

and I believe the place might be haunted. I am not worried but my wife is very freaked out and insists we move. Can we get out of the lease?


I think the only legal recourse are disclosure laws. This is New Jersey, by the way, Salem County.

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    You are not able to breach your lease agreement based on the fact that your wife think the house is haunted.

    If you breach your lease on these ground, there is normally a penalty for breaching the lease.

    Your wife had no problems prior to being informed of the death of a person in the rental unit. Now all of a sudden a ghost has appeared. If there were ghost in the rental unit he would have appeared without your wife knowing a person had died in the rental unit.

    You will h ave to come up with a better excuse than, now your wife has been informed there was a death in your rental unit she is now seeing a ghost.

    There might be a requirement to be notified that a death has occurred in a rental property, as there is in the purchase of a house.This requirement only exist if there is a murder in the house. A natural death is not a requirement to notify any potential tenant.

    I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.

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    Nope. Not good enough of a reason.

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    2 years ago

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    Lol, no. The lease is valid.

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    You can move, but not without penalty. State law don't require landlord to inform tenants of deaths in their rental unless the property has been stigmatized (i.e. well known event by many in the community), and then so only in certain states.

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    Order the ghost to depart, move on. That's your home now, not the ghost's.

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    Not without penalty. No one is forcing you to stay. You can always break a lease. In addition to the financial penalty, a landlord can report your breaking the lease to future prospective landlords you apply with.

    A few states have some regulations covering this. New Jersey is not one of them.

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    Not sure about NJ but in the states I work suicide is not required to be disclosed, so no you cant get out of the lease without breaking it.

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    2 years ago

    not without paying a penalty

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