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How long to paint again a wall?

2- What's the difference of painting?

3-Three outlets not work after a noise in the electric panel.

4-If i replace a cabled antenna by another internal over the TV will that work?

5-Is it normal to the leather become into pieces, become darker and with marks in an old chair (sofa).

6- How long a fridge can stay without use?

7- Can a short size M become 5X his size? Even though it's old.

8-What's a good product to faience, wc and floor?


8- I mean to clean.

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    1 - when the first coat is dry

    2 - water or (now rarely) oil-based paints

    3 - probably a fuse has blown

    4 - depends on signal strength in your area

    5 - fake (aka bonded) leather will peel

    6 - indefinitely if it is empty and power off

    7 - easily, but some clothes sizes are often wrong

    8 - Porcelain tile

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