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Will Braun Strowman be the third person to unsuccessfully cash in by loosing to Roman Reigns at Hell In The Cell?

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    Of Course.

    He'll really going to be The Forth Man for Unsuccessfully cash in his Money in the bank Briefcase. He'll be move on at The Moment. Roman Reigns will feud with Drew McIntyre after, Hell in a cell Pay Per View.

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    Damn it! I don't know.

  • Maybe.

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  • You mean the fourth? Because the first is Cena, second is Sandow and third is Corbin.

    There's a high chance he would.

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    It looks like it.

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    *WWE have successfully made Strowman a bigger idiot than ever. Strowman could have cashed in his briefcase when Drew and Dolph beat down Ambrose and Rollins but he decided to waste it just like how Cena did and lost too. What's even more funny is that Kane who is a Money In The Bank winner himself, cashed in successfully against Rey Mysterio but yet Strowman couldn't do that.

    *This is all just a plan to boost Roman Reign's credibility. WWE wants Reigns to have a long reign as champion. Poor Strowman, has to job to the overrated Reigns.

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    1 year ago

    At this point World Wrestling Entertainment deserves nothing less than to have the crowd walk out of the AT&T Center before the match.

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