Problems with ex? Please read description!?

The last time I posted a question about my confusion with my boyfriend and my whole summer going bad, it was somehow deleted. And now, that boyfriend dumped me. His reasons were that our relationship wasn't progressing the way he wanted to, and that my parents wouldn't let us go out, and disrespected him. These problems only began to bother him after his trip to his homeland. I was very hurt. I still am. I had a bad case of insomnia this whole summer. Though I would like to sleep again, that's something I've gotten used to. Yesterday my friend, without meaning any harm, out of curiosity asked my ex (over txt) why he had broken up with me. He gave the reason of my parents, and wanted to keep a couple of reasons to himself, my friend isn't really trustworthy so I don't think he told her the rest of the reasons he told me. He told me he was confused as well, he never gave me an option of taking a break. I feel like he just needs time. I'm ready to wait. But yesterday my friend asked, do you miss her?? And he said no. My friend says he's lying. And then he said "and everything you see on YT or Wiki that boys don't feel grief after the girl has moved on, is completely fake" so my friend asked him if he felt that, and then he said "maybe for a day." That made me feel awful. That I was only worth a day of grief. My friend told me he was lying, that he just doesn't want to reveal the way he feels. He's gonna be in my homeroom. School in my mind, is scary, 8 days left. Idk what to do

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  • O.o
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    1 year ago

    Relationships come & go

    The respectable thing to do is treat you ex with dignity and understanding, and move on, because he has made his intentions not to date you clear.

    There will be others, and even going to school with an ex will be alright if you just treat them like a person and move on.

    It's going to be scary at first, then you'll realize it srsly isn't a big deal.

    I've had to work with or stay friends with exs.

  • 1 year ago

    You need to move on don't you. Stop your friend telling you all these little snippets about your ex and asking him questions so she can reveal his answers to you and thus keep him in the forefront of your mind. He is your EX. He treated you badly and it hurt. Everytime you think of him, deliberately think of something else. Stop your friends from mentioning him. Don't check his social media. Wipe him from your life. Just be polite if you meet him but don't stop to chat. Be going somewhere else if you bump into each other. He is now nothing to you and as far as you are concerned, you are nothing to him. Move on and get on with your life. There are better boyfriends out there than this nasty chap. You might consider also widening your circle of friends. This untrustworthy one is making you suspicious. Have other friends around you so you don't have to put up with her all the time. She sounds like a troublemaker.

  • kristy
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    1 year ago

    Too long

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