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Is the Best Economy ever under President Trump, the real cause of Democrats losing incumbent seats in November?

The State of Oregon had 10 percent unemployment under Obama, under President Trump Oregon is one of 14 States with Zero unemployment

Republican challenger pulls even with anti-Trump Democrat in solid-blue Oregon's governor's race

"It's a bit surprising to see a Democratic statewide candidate in Oregon have such weak numbers, but (Brown) does."

- John Horvick, DHM Research Vice President

But other pollsters in the state aren’t dismissing the poll showing the two candidates deadlocked in the race, saying Brown doesn’t have strong voter support.

I'm 6 years older than Gov Kate Brown of Oregon, and I look 30 years younger. But, that's what happens when you look like Stevie Nicks.

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    Oregon would vote for a tree stump before they would leave the DIM plantation

    • John
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      1 year agoReport

      Conservatives would literally rather watch the world burn than admit that they are wrong.

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    You dont look like Stevie Nicks. You look like a fat drag queen in the womens bathroom.

  • 1 year ago

    trump is mostly just riding on the coat tails of the Obama administration. It may be true that trumps haphazard releasing of environmental laws may have contributed to the economy however.

    Stop trying to divide our country with your childish anti Democratic agenda. We're all Americans.

  • Leo
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    1 year ago

    You don't know what you are talking about.

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  • 1 year ago

    The economy is not that good, Trump's just doctoring the numbers

  • TB12
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    1 year ago

    Stevie Nicks???? you look like John Goodman in drag.

    Oh, and Oregon's unemployment rate is just over 4%.

    • 1 year agoReport

      4 percent is zero unemployment And it's at 3.2% unemployment - A rule of Macroeconomics

  • Jeff
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    1 year ago

    The longest bull market in history started under obama, but the correction will occur under trump. So gloat now while you can LOL.

    • 1 year agoReport

      Obama ran the longest federal deficit in US history.

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