Name this family game?

Surnames: Stone, Crewe, Ellsworth, Giles, Wesley, Corwin, Wright, Hale, Granger, Rivers, Porter, Montgomery, Evered, Beaumont

Mother: Theresa, Chelsie, Sheila, Joy, Darlene, Emmeline, Roseanna, Lela, Roxanne, Lila, Stephanie

Father: Galen, Jeremy, Patrick, David, Carl, Phillip, Jesse, Scott, Matthew, Kelvin, Gary, Jeffrey, Steven, Rufus

Son: Everett, Kennedy, Eric, Prince, Paul, Jackson, Cory, Lucius, Beau, Bradley, Julian, Johnson, Enos

Daughter: Dayna, Summer, Valarie, Destiny, Eulalia, Kerri, Leigh, Diana, Julianna, Rebecca, Thalia

Daughter: Hannah, Marisa, Minerva, Inez, Vera, Brooke, Daniella, Regan, Ariel, Zola, Suellen, Emma, Lailah

Son: Joel, Carter, Isaac, Rodney, Landon, Sheridan, Adam, Ezra, Aaron, Milo, Jamison, Jacob, Cameron, Tyler

Daughter: Angelia, Carmel, Anastasia, Rosamund, Gemma, Melanie, Bethel, Faith, Danica, Shanna, Adrianna

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    Lila Emmeline Beaumont

    Jesse Patrick Beaumont

    Jackson Everett Beaumont

    Julianna Summer Beaumont

    Regan Marisa Beaumont

    Carter Landon Beaumont

    Anastasia Faith Beaumont

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    The Granger’s

    Mother: Chelsie Roxanne

    Father: Jeremy Scott

    Son: Julian Everett

    Daughter: Diana Leigh

    Daughter: Vera Brooke

    Son: Jacob Cameron

    Daughter: Gemma Carmel

    - Chelsie, Jeremy, Julian, Diana, Vera, Jacob, Gemma -

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    Surname: Stone

    Mom: Sheila Joy Stone

    Dad: David Scott Stone

    Son: Everett Beau Stone

    Daughter: Summer Leigh Stone

    Daughter: Hannah Brooke Stone

    Son: Jamison Isaac Stone

    Daughter: Faith Bethel Stone

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    Mother: Emmeline Theresa Beaumont “Em”

    Dad: Matthew Phillip Beaumont “Matt”

    Son: Jackson Eric Beaumont “Jack”

    Daughter: Julianna Rebecca Beaumont “Jules”

    Daughter: Marisa Ariel Beaumont “Mari”

    Son: Cameron Issac Beaumont “Cam”

    Daughter: Anastasia Faith Beaumont “Stassie”

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    The Wrights

    Mother: Sheila Joy Wright

    Father: Jesse Scott Wright

    Son: Julian Paul Wright

    Daughter: Summer Leigh Wright

    Daughter: Brooke Marisa Wright

    Son: Landon Adam Wright

    Daughter: Faith Anastasia Wright

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    The Montgomery family

    Father - David Matthew Montgomery

    Mother - Rosanna Joy Montgomery (nee Corwin) “Rosie”


    - Everett Bradley Montgomery

    - Thalia Diana Montgomery

    - Lailah Emma Montgomery

    - Ezra Adam Montgomery

    - Danica Faith Montgomery

  • Paula
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    1 year ago

    Lila Roxanne Corwin

    Scott Steven Corwin

    Beau Julian Corwin

    Eulalia Leigh Corwin

    Vera Ariel Corwin

    Ezra Joel Corwin

    Gemma Faith Corwin

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    Giles family

    Mother: Lila Emmeline Giles

    Father: Jeremy Matthew Giles

    Son: Jackson Cory Giles

    Daughter: Julianna Destiny Giles

    Daughter: Lailah Regan Giles

    Son: Landon Carter Giles

    Daughter:Adrianna Faith Giles

  • 1 year ago

    Sheila Joy Granger

    Matthew Scott Granger

    Jackson Beau Granger

    Summer Destiny Granger

    Brooke Daniella Granger

    Joel Ezra Granger

    Anastasia Faith Granger

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