Alice in wonderland costume for 10-year-old?

My daughter wants to be Alice from Alice in wonderland for halloween. All the costumes are inaccurate or extremely expensive (I'm not going to pay $60 for a dress my daughter will only wear once and outgrow in a year). I'm open to DIY but my sewing skills are limited. And it's so hard to find a plain light blue kids dress! How do I buy/make a costume? Links are appreciated

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    Here's a cute version for about $20 before shipping.

    You can also look through thrift or second hand stores for the dress. Here's what you need if you want to make it.

    Sewing is not necessary. Search fabric stores or even Amazon for stitch witchery. I use it all the time because I can't sew, either. Actually, since I'm on Amazon, they do have some inexpensive light blue dresses if you browse around. With a black headband and white tights, you'll have the costume right there. Good luck!

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      Hi! Thank you so much for the link, that dress would be perfect. Unfortunately, my daughter wears a size 10 which is not available in that dress.

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    There are loads of reasonable interpretations online (refer to the Tenniel drawings for the real thing). I would look in charity shops for a light blue dress that you could adapt, or taffeta can be quite cheap. Lots of patterns online as well, but there isn't much to it if you go for an elasticated waist, capped sleeves and a tie round apron.

    An even cheaper costume is the man in a white paper suit who Alice meets on the train.

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    Just Google "Alice in Wonderland costume DIY" or "Alice in Wonderland costume ideas". There are many, many resources out there already. Pinterest has lots.

    I'll bet ten bucks that if you try to make it yourself you will spend more than $60 by the time you're said and done.

    P.S. My niece has a plain light blue dress. It was required for her ballet class. You might look into dance wear that you could then modify?

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