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Why are Phil Berger and Tim Moore so anti-American?

Why are the North Carolina GOP members Berger and Moore so anti-American, and why do they Love hate laws so much? From HB2, to the now voter ID, as well as the no teacher tax cuts law, and so many others, why are they so selfish? Why can't they think of others and the people of North Carolina?

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    Money in politics has produced the worst to run for office. The millionaire wanna bees run for office to capitalize on the cost for their vote. Look how many leave office under investigation. It's simple, there are no consequences for bad behavior only resign. Do anything you want for anyone with a large enough check book no matter how bad for the country and their rewarded. America no matter how great will fall under a system of corruption. With 35% of the country that have no objectivity of right or wrong only my side wins something has to give. What that looks like no one knows it may not be good.

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    Anybody who thinks asking for ID to vote is a "hate law" is an idiot. We are required to produce ID for a myriad of activities in the US. Voting should be no exception.

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    they are elitists

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