Has anyone traveled around the country/world for at least 6 months? \?

How was it? Did you get sick of traveling/going to the airport? Do you recommend it? I would be travelling by myself so I'm worried I would be lonely/feel like a loser sometimes.

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  • 1 year ago
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    I was a world traveler when young. I spent several months in India and in other countries. I never got sick of airplanes - I absolutely love flying, but flying coach has gotten worse due to the fact that the seats are closer together and the plane really is a flying bus. I also had my wife with me, which meant i never suffered from loneliness. However, culture shock is a problem. Coming from the USA, it took no adjustment to cope with the UK, a little to cope with Germany, and a great deal to cope with India. It's a good idea to study the countries you are going to, and to use guide books and have a phrase book handy for easy requests and ordinary courtesies.

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