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I am currently 20 years old, but will be 21 come the end of this month. I am legally too old to re enter high school where I live. I was kicked out of school due to tardys/absences that resulted from untreated medical conditions. I left needing only 4 credits until I could graduate (I earned 20 out of 24). I am looking to finish school and get a full diploma, NOT a GED! Are there any online programs that you know of that offer a full diploma while also completing courses on your time? I really can't have a program that is the same hours as a typical school day as I am working now. I also am interested in a job that will be a better fit for my life and it unfortunately requires a full diploma. This means a lot to me as I have busted my @ss in school my entire life only to be cut off for medical issues that I did not have the resources to treat. It was very unfortunate and unjust and I am finally getting better now so I have the physical ability to work and finish school. The specific credits that I am missing are English/language arts 12 - 1.5 credits, electives - 2 credits, arts/second language/professional tech - .5 credits. I am from Oregon in the USA if that helps. Even though I am working, I am low income with this job (hence me wanting to seek out a different one). So any low cost program suggestions are appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read and respond :)

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    My city has an adult high school for exactly this kind of situation. The classes are offered at night. See if your area has this. If not, many schools now require students to take some online classes as preparation for their future, so they might let you make up the credits online.

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    Contact your local school district, and see if there are any programs or courses available to you. Explain your medical difficulties at the time and be willing to go for it if a G.E.D. is your only option.

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