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In AP English Literature, it states to pick whatever novel published prior to the 21st century as our summer assignment. What does this mean?

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    Pick a book before 2000. I recommend reading "The Color Purple", "Wide Sargasso Sea", or "The Awakening" since you should be able to finish them quickly considering summer is almost over but if you still have a lot of time I recommend "Jane Eyre", "Wuthering Heights", or "Beloved".

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    a novel published earlier than 1900

  • you should chose whatever novel published before the 21st century as your summer assignment (study dedication)

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    Are you the one who is obsessed with century questions? Before the 21st century mean practically anything. But it's getting very late. Shouldn't you have asked this earlier in the summer.

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    you will need to learn to read first

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    It means you must read a novel established before the year 2000. The word ‘prior’ means before.

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