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How to Find Housing in France (Menton)?

I'm going on university exchange to Menton, France in January. Gonna be there until mid-July.

I have been trying so hard to find a place to live that isn't the dorms (because they filled up too quick). I have tried writing messages to French reality companies in French and English trying to explain my needs (oven, 4-burner stove, more than 20^2 meters, preferably bathtub), but almost no one replies to me. The ones that do reply to me, send me a reply akin to "find a place yourself". My budget is 550 Euros.

I understand that it is difficult to find a place to live when you aren't physically in that place, but that's kinda what I have to do.

Has anyone looked for a place to live in Menton or France before? Do you have any tips? Any sites to use? Any alternative methods? Any reasons I'm having trouble? Literally any tips or anecdotal experience will be so much appreciated!

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  • 2 years ago
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    Menton is a charming town- and less touristy than some other towns along the Med. There are sites like and HomeAway or VRBO where you can book, but usually for only 30 days. However, on VRBO, you communicate directly with the owner, and can possibly work out a negotiated price for the months you're going to be there. Or you can go and stay in one of these places for a while, while looking for something long-term. It's generally not worth a real estate person's time to do the search for you.

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  • vous pouvez essayer des foyers d étudiants / try the student hostel

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  • zafir
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    2 years ago

    If you apply now for student residence there is no reason why you wouldn't get a room. You should contact the university directly for details on these residences and other accommodation options as they can give you advice on how and where to apply. You also need to be clearer about your budget ie is that 550€ per week or per month.

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