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Find the equation of the conic with the given properties.

(a) parabola; vertex at (1,3); directrix x = 7

(b) parabola; directrix y = -2; focus at (7, -12)

(c) ellipse; vertical or horizontal major axis; one vertex at (-5,12); one covertex at (-1,3)

8. A point moves so that its distance from the point (2, 0) is two-thirds its distance

from the line y = 5. Derive the equation (in standard form) of the curve

that is traced by the point, and identify the curve.

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    vertex at (h,k)

    p = -4

    (y-k)^2 = 4p(x-h)


    P(x,y) on the parabola, PH=distance to the directrix , F = focus point

    PH = PF

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