Why is dating easy for women, but hard for men?

Please read it! I mean sometimes women don't have to do anything but wake up and they get asked how by a bunch of girls and they have so many choices. But for men it seems like we have to put in so much effort and sometimes that effort leads to nothing or disappointment . Im assuming because men have to take the first step and pretty much do everything else, that's probably why it's so difficult and I kinda hate it.

Like this girl I like, she liked me too and we were talking and I was just about to ask her out and come to find out another day asked her out the day before and I feel sick because I was really into her and I was only talking to her because I thought it was right but apparently she was talking to another guy and it feels bad for me they are dating now happy ever after and I'm just sitting here feeling dumb. What should I do?

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  • 2 years ago
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    It's easy BUT VERY RISKY for women to date. Dating seems tougher for men, because it takes courage to build confidence and risk getting rejected.

    Some girls DO NOT wait for men to make the first move.

    Those women have more fun and dates, than the ones who sit and wait.

    Dating and getting dates IS NOT tough. It's scary. Once you learn how to approach and make conversation, everything goes easier and easier. You won't always get a YES,

    but it still becomes easier.

    When you make LIFE all about you... Nobody cares.

    When you make Life about the people around you,

    everyone tends to enjoy your company.

    Anything and Everything you want to Change or Improve about

    yourself will require PRACTICE.

    There are many many things school taught you that you (most people)

    will NEVER use in real Life. You probably realize this by now.

    The solution to your problem/dilemma is simple.

    Depending on your personality, it may NOT be EASY, but it's still Simple.




    PRACTICE is just a way to LEARN to get better.

    (High School / College / New Town / New Job)

    Most guys, who care WAY TOO MUCH, usually project or

    develop insecurities in themselves.

    This does not Impress or Capture Women's Interest or Attention.

    The key to Breaking the Ice with ANYONE,

    is in the ability to make People Smile and Enjoy your company.

    Always use Smiles, Humor and Compliments to approach people.

    USE SMILES (to make them relax),

    USE HUMOR (to make them Smile or Laugh),

    USE COMPLIMENTS (to make them feel good about themselves

    when they are around you)

    Wouldn't you want to be around someone

    that made you feel good about yourself?

    What someone else Wants Thinks or Feels IS NEVER your concerns

    If YOU like someone, YOUR HEART is what matters.

    Your ONLY job/goal is to get by her side. In her company.

    Once there, make her Smile, Laugh and Feel good about herself

    with Compliments.

    Wouldn’t you like being around someone that did that for you??

    This is how you win over people. Be Likable and Be Fun.

    MAKE THIS YOUR PERSONALITY and people will look for/want to be around you.

    All this may sound scary to you,

    but aren't you already scared anyway…

    And probably sick of being YOU. (the way you are)

    CHANGE will Always be Uncomfortable…

    until it becomes the way you do things.

    Practice is about FAILING, until You Get Better.

    DO NOT be afraid to Practice.

    Practice is just taking BABY STEPS, until it becomes Who You Are.

    Anyone who Rejects you is just PRACTICE.

    Anyone who Engages you is PROGRESS.

    One of the weakest qualities guys have with women is, the ability to hold a conversation. The secret to a conversation is asking a fun and simple question that a girl would enjoy answering.

    Example: "I like your fingernail color. What color is that?" She says: "Ocean Spray Blue." You reply: "I knew you were going to do that. As a guy I would have said "a light shade of blue", but women always 'detail' their colors. Do girls get 'special training" on colors or what?" She'll giggle and give you an answer.

    Ask her to name another color or Why is it girls do that?

    Now you have her in a conversation.

    She is enjoying a guy, enjoying her company.

    Learn to Joke with people. It shows a sense of humor as they smile in your company. Example: "In my economics class I learned that TIME IS MONEY. Would you like to spend some with me?"

    If She ask "Time or Money?" You SMILE and say. "YES."

    PRACTICE this over and over. It's only scary the first 3 or 4 times.

    Be nice and conversational to ALL the girls. Even plain girls have feelings and attractive friends, neighbors or cousins.

    Be Respectful, you'll be remembered better.

    Develop Popularity And The Girl You Are Looking For

    Will Probably Find You.

    If you don't start PRACTICING this now, you will lose out on many other 

    opportunities (girls) in the future. The Players call it "Having Game." 

    REMEMBER--Handsome, Beautiful or Butt Ugly

    has "NOTHING" to do with PRACTICE.

    Because it's only practice...

    it doesn't matter if you strike out over and over again.

    Also, if you get rejected 100,000 times.

    There is still a BILLION girls you haven't met... YET!!!!!

    and Vice Versa, girls that haven't met You... YET!!!!!

    When you turn 21, A Whole New World Opens Up...


    CONFIDENCE is not about Succeeding. It's about NOT BEING AFRAID,

    to Step Up, whether you get Accepted or Rejected.

    After you get Accepted or Rejected, YOU WILL "Quit"

    Torturing yourself with Worry and Curiosity.

    • Thank you so much for the answer. It really opened me to a different way of thinking. It also gave me some ideas and new things I could try out. I really appreciate your time :)

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  • 2 years ago

    Dating is not easy for women. Women can get a date in a second very easy, but that does not make dating easy. And it's not that hard for a man to get a date.

    And so, one got away...there are other fish in the sea.

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