I m at a Dead End.?

I m 19 years old, I ve lost my Boyfriend and all my Friends but a few that barely talk to me. I havent had a Job for about 2 Months now and I feel like such a Failure. My parents aren t subtle with their views either, It s Brought it up Often about how I dont have a job, I ve tried applying everywhere and anywhere, yet I haven t gotten a single email back.

I have my High-school diploma, and I had plans for going to college and getting a degree but Things changed when my parents kinda forced me into the work-space, Now every job I take has to make a certain amount and has to meet 40 hours a week. Yet they wont even take my Want for school serious, nor will they pay for it.

I just feel like everything is falling apart at once. and I just want tips on how to Start back onto the right track..I used to be so happy but now I m utterly stressed out and I dont know what to do from here.

Can I apply for Loans without a Co-sign? Can I get into school without my parents? There are so many things I want to do with my life and I just..I dont know. I m kinda giving up because nobody believes in me.

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  • Tommy
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    2 years ago

    Remember the part where you said you were so happy? That was an up. The stuff you are going through now, that's a down. Life is full of these up's and down's and the trick is to learn something from them.

    You say you've applied for job and have gotten no email back. That makes it seem like you've only been applying online. You might be better off going old school and start pounding the pavement. Physically go to the places you are applying. Call them a couple days after you have applied. Make yourself available.

    Technically, once you become a legal adult, your parents are no longer required to support you financially. It's great if and when they do but it can be done without their help. There are grants and student loans you can apply for that can help you but you will need to put in the effort and work your way through college.

    Giving up is the best way to prove the ones who don't believe in you right. Don't obsess over the loss of a boyfriend. The friends you lost were not really friends if they so easily walked away.

    Here's the advice part. Don't give up on yourself. Don't rely too much on others. If someone helps you, great. If they don't, so what. It's your life and your responsibility. Remember life will hit you with many ups and downs. Neither one lasts forever. Don't spend your life waiting for things to get easier or better. Make it happen.

    Good luck. I hope things work out for you.

  • 2 years ago

    You need to think about the student loans AFTER you graduate. The banks are going to start wanting their money 6 months after you graduate (or when u stop applying for loans). Payments are HIGH! Have you thought about the military? You can get your degree there as you work.

  • 2 years ago

    you could try getting financial aid or doing stuff on your own like selling avon, i dont have a job and have thought of doing that too

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