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When we talk about resource hogging, why is concrete and sand never mentioned and China's gluttony of these resources?

China produced more concrete between 2011 and 2103 than the US did in the entire 20th century.

Concrete is Sig ificant in greenhouse gas emissions and something no one thinks about, sand. Believe it or not, sand is a finite resource. And the marine sand necessary for construction, computers etc. cannot be replaced with desert sand. Marine sand is angular; desert sand is rounded.

Marine sand is now being deplete at twice the rate it's being created and most of this is by China. Furthermore, a lot of this concrete is used to build ghost cities and made poorly so that it isn't used or needs to be replaced quickly.

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    Anytime a picture is shown of modern China the air is foul and the sky is gray, not from clouds or moisture, but from smog. LOL

    Any idea who the biggest polluter is? who got a break at the Paris Climate Accord? come on ....take a guess. LOL

  • 2 years ago

    Don’t worry about it.

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