Is it weird to ask a guy to give your number to his friend?

I used to work with a guy in high school about 6 years and we were friends .. we were just both dating other people , but I believe the attraction was always there on both sides, just never acted on. Eventually we got different jobs and graduated & hadn t talked since. Fast forward to now. As my girls & I were about to leave a bar, I see him walk in with his friends. He saw me and gave me a hug and we briefly talked before my girls rushed me out. Later I was thinking about it and tried to find him on social media. Somehow he doesn t have facebook, insta, snapchat or anything else I have. The one way I can think of getting in contact with him is if I ask one of his friends (whom I dont know, only know of) to give him my number. Is that possible without coming across as desperate or creepy?

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  • 2 years ago
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    How do you know he is not lonely for a girls attention?

    Why do you give strength to your insecurities and not HIS FLAWS.

    What makes you think he is Confident?

    "CLINGY", NEEDY", "DESPERATE", "CREEPY" "STALKER”, “CHEESY”, “SLUTTY” “FLIRTATIOUS” OR "WEIRD" Only Exist In Your Head Due To Inexperience. It’s a good way to

    Chicken Out, but does not do anything in your favor.

    When your Heart is involved, YOU ARE THE ONLY REAL CHALLENGE you have to get over. Lets say that it is "CLINGY", NEEDY", "DESPERATE", "CREEPY" "STALKER”, “CHEESY”, “SLUTTY” “FLIRTATIOUS” OR "WEIRD" But it works.

    Does it really matter what it was?

    Confidence is doing what you feel like doing as long as No One gets Physically Harmed.

    Getting Accepted or Rejected doesn't matter... you still had Self Confidence.

    CONFIDENCE is not about Succeeding. It's about NOT BEING AFRAID,

    to Step Up, whether you get Accepted or Rejected.

    After you get Accepted or Rejected, YOU WILL "Quit"

    Torturing yourself with Worry and Curiosity.

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