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Is it a big deal as neighbors?

I need advice on our new neighbors Danny and Claire . We are actually the new neighbor! It is a rural area with only 5 houses spread out. My sister says we should keep our distance and only say hi based on our first impression of them.

What happen is a few weeks ago as we were moving in is that Danny pulled up with their daughter Cynthia in his car. She was in a pretty dress which I notice she enjoys wearing often. I thought gosh she is really cute and our nephew would like her. They are both eight years old.

Danny then went to a chair on their patio deck and sat down. He put Cynthia's across his lap and started spanking her over her dress. We didn't watch but he gave his daughter a pretty good spanking for something she did wrong. My sister did look over and noticed that Cynthia then had her skirt lifted up completely so her panty underneath was showing. My sister complain about Danny showing everyone his daughters white nylon briefs. Everyone would have been just us the next house over. I found out the reason was that recently she was spanked outside is that their baby was sleep in the house. Now since then they have been nothing but good friends with us. Yeah Cynthia seems to misbehave lots and may find Daddy's lap often but what happen a few weeks may be rare. So what if it isn't? Just don't look

My sister thinks we should be cautious. Is she right?

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    MYOB is always a good idea, unless there is evidence of child abuse, then the authorities can investigate.

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