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What are the chances of being pregnant? Need advice?

Hi everyone. I’m sitting here terrified, not even quite sure of what to write. I’m 24 years old, and have never been in this situation before. My boyfriend and I have been using the pullout method the past year and a half, I know risky business but the only defense I have is that he would pull out at least a full minute before he ejaculated. I’ve always been paranoid about getting pregnant regardless, but my fears have been slightly allayed up until this point because of the wide breadth of time we air on the safe side when he pulls out. Well recently my period was due, it may have come a couple days earlier, not really sure because I wasn’t tracking. But the thing is it only lasted around 2 days, then completely stopped.. As most women know there is usually a dropoff, not just a stopping all of a sudden. My period is usually 4-5 days with a couple of days of light bleeding after. I tried not to panic, thinking it may return but it’s been 4 days since and nothing at all. The two days nothing seemed out of the ordinary, certainly not light but not the heaviest either. But I can’t sgahe this feeling, day is somehow, even with a 2 day period, could I possibly be pregnant? Has anything like this happened to you before? I’m so scared, this would ruin my life. Thanks

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    Period = not pregnant. The heaviness of it doesn't matter.

    But you WILL get pregnant sooner or later since you're having completely unprotected sex. Whether he pulls out five minutes before he ejaculates or seconds before doesn't matter. (And how exactly can he time it to at least a full minute? That isn't how orgasms work.) If the penis is erect, it's releasing pre-ejaculate, and that contains sperm. If he's erect when he's inside you, he's releasing sperm into you. End of story.

    If you were so "terrified" of getting pregnant, you wouldn't be having unprotected sex.

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