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Should I use Apetemin?

For a while I’ve been working on gaining weight, and so far I’ve done a pretty good job between doing weight exercises and increasing calorie intake. However, the last month I’ve been at like a stand still. I can’t seem to reach my goal weight. I’m wondering it apetemin is actually a good weight gain tool but I’ve heard some horror stories about it as well. My goal is to mainly gain weight in my hips and legs but I do need to gain it all over as well (I used to be extremely underweight).

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  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    No! It is not even approved anywhere. The US, UK or Canada. It does have side effects and prolonged use is unknown.

  • Mike G
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    2 years ago


  • martin
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    2 years ago

    Don't take the artificial way through a pharmaceutical drug with mixed reviews. Have patience and stay with natural methods.

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