Is he making me fall in love with him on purpose so I can keep having sex with him?

'm 18. Met this 25 year old guy I've been having sex with 2 months ago. he told me he was living with a girl and that she's his "baby." I didnt care anything about that because I only wanted sex from him. That was until she found out about us and then she put him out. He got so mad and ask me "do you wanna ride pass her house with me"? I said, "yeah what time"? Because she shouldn't be treating him bad. Anyway, I told him that she is crazy because she got my number and texted me calling me a midnight hoe, Etc I sent everything to him of her talking about him too. He said "wow she's pathetic." I agreed. I don't even know her. Anyway, she finally stopped texting me! now I'm thinking I want to be with him. But I don't know if it's too late because we had sex already. Is he using me for conversations/sex even though I agreed to have sex with him late at night? I really do want to think he likes me more than a sex partner. Is he making me fall in love with him on purpose so i can continue giving him sex?

3 Answers

  • Jerry
    Lv 6
    2 years ago

    Is he using you? Ya think!! He's cheating on her, having sex with you, do you want to be the next one he cheats on? I'd bet you aren't the only one he's cheated on with her. Respect yourself...there are plenty of penises out there....

  • lila
    Lv 7
    2 years ago

    One day this loser guy will end up hurting you the way he hurt his live-in girlfriend.

    One day, this loser will drive by your house with his new "midnight hoe," and you'll be the pathetic one.

    One day you'll be that crazy girl texting the "midnight hoe" and she'll be on the other end laughing at you because she doesn't care- she just wanted to have sex with him too.

    Have a fun ride with this guy.

  • Me
    Lv 6
    2 years ago

    Wow! You are really interested in a person who already proved to you that he'd cheat without a second thought? She shouldn't be treating HIM bad? She got cheated on. He's the a$$. It's actually sad that you think so highly of someone with absolutely no moral values.

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