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Why do I keep hearing what sounds to be like whispers coming from somewhere in another room, maybe.?

They keep saying things like "How the hell did he [inaudible]", "He's trying so hard to be like a [inaudible]", "Logical personality"... and stuff like that. I get the feeling that they are what seems to be like my subconscious saying things over and over... but at first, I thought it was someone in the other room, like my brother, or parents. Sometimes I still think that it's someone in the other room, but I know that it's not. The things they say make me feel really criticized for every little thing I do and think. Like, if I act a certain way or say something in a certain way, the whispers will say something that I totally unexpected (basically judging me) but not directly. It's as if the whispers are talking to someone else about me as if they were watching a movie about my life. Sometimes they sound shocked that I did something noteworthy of attention. It feels like a very distracting alter ego of mine constantly picking at what I do and think. I just want it to stop. Please put a good amount of thought about what you think this might be before commenting here about it. Thanks!

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    If your description is accurate...that you're hearing voices and no one is actually there speaking...then you're suffering from what sounds like a case of delusion, possibly mild schizophrenia. If that was happening to me, I would see a psychiatrist or other mental health professional instantly. You have good reason to be alarmed.

  • 2 years ago

    Please see a doctor thanks regarding voices

    Chances are they might be echos or

    Acoustic factors, try and record them and

    If you can you might discover a simple

    Solution and some relief too hey.

    Because if you can record them they

    Can’t be internal voices but real external

    Sounds, so not hallucinations.

    Very best wishes for your happiness


    Source:) Study.

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    2 years ago

    Probably because Donald Trump is trying to possess your soul. Don't let him.

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