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Why do some robbers not get caught?

I hear news stories and and articles about robbers not identified or caught after stealing from a store, or a person on the street. Like stealing a person's wallet, money, purse. How do they not get caught even if the victim saw their face or not?

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    See the person's face doesn't mean you know who they are. If you don't know who they are it doesn't matter that you saw the face. Humans are terrible at recalling details, this is actually pretty well known. Eyewitnesses constantly describe different people(by that I mean have 10 people see a crime and you will get different descriptions of the same person). So yeah if there are no QUALITY cameras then the police could be looking for the wrong person even with a description.

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    Because just being able to identify the face doesn't tell you who he is or where he is now. You've still got to FIND him.

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