What is the term that describes prioritizing taking pictures or filming someone's misfortune (like an accident) over helping?

For example, bystanders taking out their cell phones and filming a car accident instead of calling an ambulance or trying to help in some way.

I seem to recall there being a term that describes this behavior. The word "sensation" comes to mind but I honestly don't remember. Would appreciate any help.


Replying to d_r_siva, I don't mean the social disposition of bystanders but the literal act of prioritizing the capturing of an accident or otherwise "horrible" event on camera due to a feeling of thrill. I thought it was sensationalism but that's not it. The phrase I'm looking for is similar in meaning to schadenfreude.

Update 2:

Found another phrase that's similar. "Bystander effect" (or "bystander apathy"). Which is the phenomenon where bystanders are less likely to help if other people are present. It's close but not quite what I'm looking for. What I mean is a bystander who not only doesn't help but actively chooses to film or take pictures of whatever is happening. And not necessarily journalists (I know Nightcrawler sounds similar...) but actual average people with no inherent malicious intent.

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