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I have social anxiety and my parents keeps shouting for me for this reason and I can't love out due to social anxiety?

I'm 18 year old loser, I have no friends, people find me very weird. My parents keeps shouting at me for it, they always say how they're not going to pay for college if I don't change, they'll just keep me as a pet or my father keeps getting angry because I can't eat in the restaurant. They took me to therapy 2 years ago and guess what they said ? They said "do you have a medicine that will change him and make him want to go out with friends ?" And the therapist explained to them what social anxiety is and they understood but still shout at me for it. I was on Zoloft for 5 months and it ruined a whole year for me and then they tried to get me on another antidepressant, I didn't accept since I don't want to ruin my life. My father keeps saying at my age he used to be the captain of the basketball team and he used to talk to girls and was rarely in the house and says why I can't be like him. I'm 18 but I look 14 and short and look weak, so how I'm supposed not to have social anxiety.

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    Dear Sir,

    Please believe in your self as being an ok

    Person, and ignore anything except helpful

    Constructive unhurtful critisism thanks.

    In other words refuse to be dumped on by

    Blaming people thanks!

    Very best wishes for your future success


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    Maybe Zoloft was the wrong type of medication for you. There are other meds you should discuss with your Doctor. I was on 2 types meds, before my Doctor put me on Zoloft, . I have been taking it for 2 years and feel fantastic. It is kind of a hit and miss type of thing. Not everyone is the same. You are not trying hard enough to get better. It sounds like you want to stay miserable. TRY ANOTHER MEDICATION..... Who knows, the next medication may be perfect for you, but you will never get any better unless you are willing to a new med a try. Millions of people go through this. But they WANT to get better, so they work with the Doctor on different types of meds. Don't give deserve to be happy....

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    There's not a lot you can do about parents who refuse to understand your mental issues. They either do or don't.

    While medication can make a difference, social anxiety is something that revolves more about what you think of yourself and people around you and how to deal with social situations, so I don't believe medication will fix it alone.

    I think the best thing for it is therapy and working with someone to help you step by step through it. That's not the answer some people would like, but as someone who's been attending a psychologist for years, I can say it's definitely helped me.

    Source(s): Sufferer of general and social anxiety.
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    You sound like an average moody teenager who doesn't get on with their parents and, as such, you will grow out of it.

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