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How to get your period quickly?

I’m going on vacation next Wednesday, and i want to know how i can induce my period so it comes before vacation. I wouldn’t mind being on the last days of my period on vacation, but being on the first few days would be very stressful because we are going on a long flight and driving a lot too. Is there anyway i can make it come faster?

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  • Kristi
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    2 years ago

    It is possible to delay your period with birth control. It is not possible to speed it up. It is part of a cycle and many things must happen in sequence to make you menstruate. That process cannot be sped up.

    The good news is that millions and millions and millions of women will have their periods that week, and life will just continue normally. Soldiers, politicians, tv and movie starts, gymnasts, swimmers, athletes, nurses, teachers, other women on vacation, pilots, doctors, surgeons, astronauts will all have periods and survive. Your period is not a disability or an illness, it is just something normal that all women go through regularly.

    Enjoy your vacation.

  • Andy C
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    2 years ago

    You cannot hasten your menses for convenience. It is very risky and should only be done for health reasons.

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