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Why won’t the enemy of freedom the absolutist top of pyramid Dems just admit that Communist Chinese infiltration into America is easily...?

ten fold what nationalist Russian KGB infiltration is in America with Apple partnering with China and Chinese billionaires owing the public programming Hollywood production companies and owning all the stock in America’s universities having way more influence on the USA than Russia and the ONLY reason they push this Russian espionage/ criminal collusion MYTHOLOGY is because they are the people who want to be free speech that they despise and they can’t do it legally because of the first amendment which they hate meaning they can only do it with feints of mass Russia hysteria because they have sold America out to China and the unelected E.U. elitists and all they really care about is everyone being religio-politically dumb and under thier control so that they can be dictators of a socialist predictively programmed for decades now new world order

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  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    If your poisoning someone slowly you don’t tell them do you. Or you say it’s just in your imagination.

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