When Someone Believes "All Who Claim to Be Christians Are Christians" Are They Correct? Why or Why Not?

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  • 2 years ago

    we are not to judge

  • yesmar
    Lv 7
    2 years ago

    Yes, they are correct because Christianity is a religion in which it’s adherents become a ‘Christian’ by beliving in Jesus.

    All attempts by each denomination and sect to judge a group not their own as ‘untrue’ is merely an exhibit of the ‘no true Scottsman’ fallacy, and being judgmental to boot.

  • ?
    Lv 7
    2 years ago

    being a "christian" by a basic definition is one who believes in Jesus Christ, add to that and you define a christian as one who believes in the bible and Jesus. All people that believe in Jesus are the body of Christ and the "church" by another definition, these definitions are all inclusive of faithful believers. when you start defining a christian as those that only believe in the baptist or methodist articles of faith, the definition becomes (exclusive) and if you add the definition of being catholic, this is also exclusive. against people that actually do believe ! So, take away the catholic vs protestant and the trinitarians and baptist articles of faith you get all people who are either very faithful or at the very least all brothers in faith of Christ and salvation by grace and there is salvation by faith, professing Jesus as Lord and savior. the difference here is defined by Jesus Himself saying that he will cast out the Luke warm and those that do iniquity. which excludes most christians anyway. and then you come to different levels of discipleship. you have those that will sell all they have, and count the cost and take up the cross... but most people dont become this level of Christian ! guaranteed, they are the kind of followers of Christ that Stay home and raise families, and sometimes in each family there is children that are saved where compared to some missionaries, whom never find a convert. We will all be judged according to our works, and our faith, and sometimes even by MERIT, and we will be rewarded according to our Works and deeds and hopefully those that profess Jesus are either the least of his brethren or we are fully pledged disciples.

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