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Why did white supremacists choose to assemble under the name "Unite the Right"? That's RIGHT, not left?

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    2 years ago

    You seem to assume all politics comes down to the modern left-right dichotomy when that's patently false, you're making the same assumption as the rightwingers who say they're letfists.

    They call themselves the Alt-Right because they don't see themselves as being part of the mainstream right, which they're not. They hate modern conservativism, they see them as cucks and sell outs.

    Their ideas are a mix of left and the old right, they're more focused on social policy than economics.

    For example, they would happily live in a high taxation state with lots of social programs if it were 100% white instead of a multiracial free market state with low taxation.

    They despise Zionists and neoconservativism as much as they do liberals, socialists and Islam

    Many of them are former conservatives and libertarians, but many are also former liberals.

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