Please help me come up with an excuse?

I am the president for my English club at my school. Basically my teacher told me to do something to decorate our school noticeboard but it's the 4th time we're redoing it so I got tired and it's been like 3 weeks since the last time she told me to do it.

I bought the materials needed already but I never had the courage to put it up. Also I'm very shy to ask my other team members to help me plus I don't even know who they are.

She just messaged me recently saying shew wants to meet me so we can decorate the noticeboard (strangely she didn't actually question me why I never decorated it). I know she's bound do ask that when we meet face to face, so what should I say? Should I just say to her that I got tired of her obsession with noticeboards or do I tell her the truth?


Anyway obviously I'm not fit to become the president for an English club because 1. my english is not that good and 2. I'm lazy as hell. Madam if you're reading this I hope you won't kill me,

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  • 2 years ago
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    tell her you think you might be pregnant because you tried on your brothers underwear just to see what it would feel like and they were gooey ...and now your period is late you tried a dollar store home pregnancy test and its positive...and your considering suicide...yea that will surely get you off the hook now you wanna add some truth...tell her DRDEATH told you

  • 2 years ago

    STart with asking how often she thinks the noticeboard SHOULD be redecorated.

    Because it sounds very much like she wants that noticeboard to be redone every few weeks to keep the material on it fresh and different.

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