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How can I make myself more happy?

So I’m 16 and start college next month. I didn’t make many friends in school. I had 2 but one I don’t even speak to anymore and the other one I do see but not much. This one mate in particular is going on holiday quite a bit in this holiday so I might not get a chance to see her until September. Everyday I’m at home, a part of me feels pointless being here, I’m just so lonely and bored every second of the day. What can I do with myself and how can I make new friends at college and even online so I can see them in the holidays

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  • Alex
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    2 years ago

    I used to be terribly shy. The way I made friends in college was getting a part-time job at a place that hired other college students. I made more friends through work than I did through school. But being fellow students, we had something in common for conversation.

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